Yes, exactly like your smartphone APPs - on a dedicated platform built exclusively for you, musicians


is an interactive creature consists of


(Hardware and Algorithm)


(IRs, Samples, Presets, Tracks)

Control Logic

(Interaction of FX, Data with Human)

Not only does it give you the 'sound' for your music but the power to create in the particular way either you prefer or invent - whether it be playing an instrument or a combination of playing, FX control, manipulation and production techniques.

To help you get things done in the most effective way is the point period.

We do not sell digital simulator pedals or amp modules like all other companies do. All FX are provided for FREE in our PlayX APPs and ever growing to your artistic imagination.
Tip: You can link and multi-task PlayX APPs on the fly to create a monster syndicate weapon.
Check out the following list of PlayX APPs targeted to release in our 1st and 2nd phases. Please feel free to subscribe and share with us your creative ideas. It is our pleasure to create the future with you.

A basic 4 analog channels mixer + AUX in and Bluetooth audio

Default Mixer

FX Pedals only, optimized to play in front of an AMP; expression controls.

eGuitar Pedals

Acoustic guitar multi-FX: body resonance profile, chorus, EQ etc, 32+ FX; expression controls.

aGuitar mFX

Vocal and acoustic dual channel FX and controls.

Song Writer

An MP3 and WAV player for musicians. AMP choices, speed / pitch control, vocal elimination, remaster etc.

Audio Player

A 2-channel looper.


A desktop APP. Play 64+ drum kits on PlayX with your hand or drum stick.

Drum Pad

An audio recorder and player to jam / sing along.


A Midi instrument library. 127 instruments. Play with any USB Midi instrument.

Midi Library

A synthesizer for stringed instruments, 4 OSC and 32+ FX.

Synth Strings

An ambient only FX collection to be use on AMP FX loop, +16dBu, analog dry signal path.


A programmable drum machine.

Drum Machine

Chord sheet slide show.

Chord Sheet

Bluetooth player controller, work with your smartphone or handheld devices.

Blue Player

(experimental) Manipulate tracks with your stringed instruments as a controller.


A dual microphone recorder - change phase, MIC placement, FX etc.

Dual Mic

Full signal chain electric guitar multi-FX processor with 150+ (and growing) effects; expression controls.

eGuitar mFX

Bass guitar multi-FX; expression controls.

Bass mFX

Vocal Preamp and 32+ FX such as pitch correction, harmonizer; expression controls

Vocal mFX

A console for live audio / video / web / pod broadcaster. Echo and noise cancellation; multi-channel in etc.


A audio sampler. Sample from audio file or record your own right away. Play it back with FX controls


A 4-channel looper.


Play floor drum or bass samples with your foot.

Floor Drum

An advanced mixer with 32+ FX; 4 analog channels; AUX in; Bluetooth; USB.

Mixer FX

A synthesizer for USB Midi instruments, 4 OSC and 32+ FX.

Synth Midi

A synthesizer sequencer, generate sequence of chord, scale, noise or random notes.


A collection of AMP simulator, 64+ classic AMP modules and 150+ cab profiles. To be used with your analog pedal board.

Amp Sim

Profile the impulse response of your amplifier in minutes.

Amp Profiler

Chord chart lookup table.

Chord Chart

Scratch, sample, manipulate tracks on PlayX.


Analog boost and Midi controller for your electric guitar or vocal DAW plugins.

VST Mate

A teaching assistant for guitar instructor and students. All effects as well as handy clean sounds, flexible metronome and voice over switch.

Guitar TA

System APPs


System task list manager


System level input and output gains


Playing mode manager


System settings


Extend FX preset control from 4 to 8

Tube Calibration

Auto calibrate vacuum tube parameters

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