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Audibotics is founded by Texas luthier and electronics architect Frank Teng. Having built dozens of stringed instruments and made tons of mobile and Internet of Things products that served millions of users, he set out to craft a universal system for musicians from ground up, which unifies every music instrument, processing and controlling device in one framework.

It means creating music 10x easier, 10x faster, 10x smarter and 1000x more funs and creative for musicians.

We believe the next wave of creation comes from

  • An elegant design,

  • A single melting pot that comes in handy to catalyze every way of playing as well as

  • An intelligent system capable of understanding human emotions musically and multiplying the brilliance of human mind.

"The Power Is Within You"


Not in the Tangled Wires


Nor on the Endless

Shopping List


Nor in the Next-To-Rocket-Science

Computer Software

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